• Top 5 Free Habit Tracking Apps Top 5 Free Habit Tracking Apps Tracking your habits can be an effective way to keep yourself motivated, improve your productivity, and get things done. Some people prefer to use a pen and paper to track their habits, but it can be a bit tedious for some. Luckily, there are a variety of habit tracking apps available for smartphones and the web that make it easy to track your habits. I've used various habits tracking apps over the years, and I've found that some are much better than others. So, I thought I'd put together a list of the best habits tracking apps to help you find one...
    • May 20, 2021
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  • Tips for Playing Borderlands 3 – Your Key to Success Tips for Playing Borderlands 3 – Your Key to Success Borderlands 3 (BL3) is an action-role playing, first-person shooting video game. Players can take on the role of one of the game’s many playable characters in the game's world, which is set on a planet called Pandora. This guide is aimed at giving you tips to succeed in Borderlands 3 . It is not a complete guide as it is impossible to cover all aspects of the game in a single post. Here are the basic tips to play Borderlands 3. Tip 1: Do not stay too long in one place. This is about avoiding the possibility of being attacked by multiple...
    • May 27, 2021
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  • Simple Guide on How to Appear Offline on Instagram Simple Guide on How to Appear Offline on Instagram If you are one of those people who don't like to show their online status on Instagram, here is a guide to disabling your online status. Steps to Follow Open your Instagram app and click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. Then tap on the tree lines at the top left corner. It will open a drop-down menu. Here you will see some options. Click on the option named "Settings". Then choose “Privacy”→ “Activity Status” Here you have to click on the option named "Show Activity Status" to turn it grey. This means that now you are invisible on Instagram. It will instantly turn...
    • Jun 02, 2021
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